About Us

REDSPY has been in this field providing quality investigative services to the corporate world and individuals for past many years. We provide most qualitative output and our investigations are thorough, diligent and comprehensive. Our most specialized investigation is about matrimonial Problems investigation, Divorce cases with obtaining Proof and evidences, Surveillance and litigation support, compiling background information about an individual and in depth asset investigation. Our results reflect the high level of professionalism for which our clients appreciate our services regardless of the geographical location. The entire investigations is based on methodical approach and inquiries are conducted with utmost care to provide the client complete anonymity


We the REDSPY, provide value based reliable information on a timely and cost effective basis. Our goal is to complete the assignment in accordance with client’s parameters.

The compensation for each task varies as that includes the cost and efforts in obtaining certain information. We can work within the clients budget and time limitations. Our REDSPY team comprises talented, experienced investigators from various specialized fields with innovative skills and utilizes available resources in handling client’s inquiries promptly, precisely and proficiently.

REDSPY has ability and capability to conduct simultaneous operations/ investigations across the country in the shortest possible time. Our investigating teams are widely spread all over and located in almost all the major cities in India.

Please fell free to contact us to discuss your needs, if there is anything that is beyond the comprehension of our website, we shall be pleased to meet your expectations.

What Makes Us Different?

REDSPY Detectives in Ahmedabad, - is a Quality Assured company. Our highly trained investigators will ensure your instructions are handled expeditiously and professionally, and in absolute confidence. Our team is headed by highly skilled person and qualified in the art of surveillance methodology and coordinating numerous operations simultaneously, possessing many years of surveillance experience in hand.

REDSPY Detectives - are experts in matrimonial, teenage Checkup activities, skip tracing, business due diligence, background checks. We’re a reputed company that has provided excellent client service since Three decades. All investigations are handled with the highest degree of sensitivity and confidentiality