Employee Theft or Misconduct Investigations

Any kind of fraudulent mischief in the company like embezzlement of funds, Mishandling of the trade secret or business information, Any big or small case of pilferage . . .





Civil & Criminal Litigation Support

Assist Law Firms in Trial Preparation. We provide critical litigation support in the most difficult and sophisticated of lawsuits, both civil and criminal. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by electronic discovery and production and we have optimized our software, protocols and methodologies for integration into the legal and judicial arenas.

Witness Locate and Witness Interviews

Reliable, accurate and thorough Legal Statements are obtained and recorded as requested. We will locate and meet with subject parties, develop a professional rapport and elicit the truth of the matters at issue. We will evaluate the witness and provide a summary of observations such as physical description, appearance & other discernible characteristics.